New Staff ! 新しい仲間が加わりました!

ASHLEY’S に新しい仲間が加わりました!

カナダ出身の Cory です。

みなさん、Cory に会いに来て下さいね。

1. What is your hobby? 趣味は何ですか?

Cycling and literature (classical literature & contemporary literature, science fiction, philosophy), film appreciation, language study, travel (traveling in 12 countries).



2. What do you think about Japan and Japanese people? 日本と日本人をどう思いますか?

I think Japanese culture, customs and history are really wonderful. I’m studying right now.



3. What do you keep in mind in your lessons? レッスンで心掛けている事は何ですか?

I would like to offer fun lessons that encourage you, sometimes challenge you, and keep your goals for learning English high.



4. Please leave a message for members and those who are going to study English from now on.


Don’t be afraid of mistakes. There are many things to learn because you make a mistake.





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